Full Courses to Learn Latin American Spanish

There are some awesome courses for learning Latin American Spanish online, along with more than a few that are terrible and cost far too much money. Luckily, I’ve tried most of them and can help you avoid those less desirable ones.

News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is definitely one of the more fun resources for Spanish learners. They have a beginner course that’s ideal for those who have studied some Spanish before but haven’t used it in a long time, as well as materials for intermediate and advanced students. As the title suggests, they offer news stories narrated at a slower pace, making them easier for Spanish learners to understand. But, their lessons are also excellent for studying grammar and learning new expressions. Materials are available in either Spanish from Spain or from Latin America. Pricing varies a bit depending on the plan you choose but is between $16.90 and $26.90 per month.

Click here to go to: News in Slow Spanish


Fluencia came from the creators of SpanishDict. Unlike many courses on this list, it’s only available in Spanish and not any other languages. This focus has paid off and helped them put together a really quality course. While you may find the lessons somewhat similar to Lingodeer and other courses, on Fluencia, they’re definitely a bit more in-depth. The addition of cultural information also makes it more interesting to use. That said, it costs $15 per month, which I think is fair, but others may prefer a free alternative.

Click here to go to: Fluencia

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish is an okay enough Spanish course. They teach useful language and provide tons of opportunities to practice every area of the language. However, I found the audio lessons to be very cheesy and the jokes to be a bit cringe-worthy at times. The review exercises also become too repetitive and are a bit old-school in the way you memorize items basically through brute force. You can learn a lot from Rocket Spanish but I’d personally struggle to stick with it long-term. It’s also fairly expensive with Level 1 costing $99.95 and Levels 1,2 & 3 costings $259.90.

Click here to go to: Rocket Spanish

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